Summer Pool Bar!

Our Pool bar is located behind Drifters Bar and it operates between the months of May – Sept weather permits. Pool Bar is open for public use with options ranging from single day tickets to Seasonal and Family member cards. Seasonal members also benefit from additional 10% discount on their daily bills.

Rules and regulations apply. For any information please contact our staff.

2015 Drifters Pool Bar discount

Private parties and catering options available upon request. Parties  and birthday gatherings can be undertaken only after normal operating hours.

Pool Bar

Pool Bar does not have a separate kids pool.

2015 Drifters Pool Bar tickets


Food Selfie Competition

art work 1[GR]

ΔΙΑΓΩΝΙΣΜΟΣ DRIFT TO ATHENS: Τι θα έλεγες για ένα ταξιδάκι στην Αθήνα; Πόσο τέλειες είναι οι food selfies σου; Επισκέψου το Drifters, παράγγειλε το αγαπημένο σου φαγητό, ανέβασε την πιο τέλεια φωτογραφία του εδώ και αν πάρει τις περισσότερες ψήφους, κερδίζεις ένα ταξίδι στην Αθήνα για δύο!

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DRIFT TO ATHENS COMPETITION: How about a trip to Athens? Do your food selfies rock?

Visit Drifters, order your favorite food, upload your best food selfie here  get the higher number of votes and  win a trip to Athens for two!

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Burger Fridays Offer!

Burger Fridays just landed at Drifters!

Starting this Friday 13/11 and every Friday with 20% Discount on all our burgers.


Burger Fridays 20% OFF

Burger Fridays 20% OFF

Tag & Win Competition!

Facebook Page Competition


Terms & Conditions in GR & EN

New Cider now Served at Drifters Bar!

Magners Irish Cider now available On Tap at Drifters Bar.



Live Greek Sundays

To περίφημο του λάιβ Greek Sundays GreekDrifters Bar & Grill
επιστρέφει ξανά κοντά σας από την Κυριακή 20/09 (και κάθε Κυριακή).
Με ανανεωμένο σχήμα, αναλαμβάνουμε τη διασκέδαση
σας με τις μεγαλύτερες ελληνικές επιτυχίες να παίζουν
μόνο για εσάς.
Μαζι με Κωνσταντίνο Πάουρο, Νικόλα Γενεθλίου και Ραφαέλο Γενεθλίου πρεμιέρα αυτή την Κυριακή στις 20:00.

Watch Live all Sports Events

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#EatDrinkLate @ Drifters

Feeling hungry after 11pm? We created a new ‪#‎eatdrinklate‬ menu just for you‼ Starting from this Friday 24/07 you can enjoy a late munch from our new Late menu or even enjoy your draught beer with a discount starting from 15% on local and imported beers and a SPECIAL 30% Discount on Krombacher beer. ‪#‎onlyatDrifters‬ 🍺🍴🍔



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Lost & Found

Found in Drifters March 2014

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Value Lunch Offer – MON thru FRI (12:00 – 16:00 Hrs)

Value Lunch Menu

Monday – Friday between 12:00 – 16:00 Hrs

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